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We make people wonder

Jakop Ahlbom Company is a theater company that creates surreal and physical performances that capture the imagination. With a blend of mime, dance, slapstick, music, magic and visual effects we tell universal stories. We bring the audience to unknown worlds and show a magical universe where nothing what it seems. With our visual language we appeal to large and diverse audiences both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Current season

  • “Lebensraum shows Ahlbom's great strength: physical, absurdist theater with a touch of illusionism.”
    De Telegraaf about Lebensraum
  • “The particular genius of Ahlbom’s company is for creating filmic effects on stage.”
    The Guardian about Horror
  • “The carelessness with which the absurd is presented and accepted as normal is fantastic.”
    De Volkskrant about Innenschau

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