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We make people wonder

Vision & Mission statement

Jakop Ahlbom Company tells stories that offer new perspectives on ourselves and the world. We aim to create understanding and empathy for what we do not know. 

Without words, we tell universal stories that are accessible and stimulate a new curiosity. We allow our audience to enter unknown worlds, where we show a magical universe, in which nothing is what it seems. Our environment is changing rapidly and becoming more and more divers. We feel at home in this dynamic, which is why we work at an urban, national and international level. We are constantly working to increase our support and the impact of our work.

In our ever-expanding world, a new kind of curiosity is needed: about the unknown other. If we judge less quickly, there will be room for everyone. I want my audience to look beyond, and also inwardly, to that which we do not know in ourselves. In my performances I create surreal worlds in which our unconscious fears, urges and desires are given a place. I bend reality and make room for fantasy.

Jakop Ahlbom

  • “The particular genius of Ahlbom’s company is for creating filmic effects on stage.”
    The Guardian about Horror
  • “The way with which the absurd is presented and accepted as normal is fantastic.”
    De Volkskrant about Innenschau

Our place in the world

Our company wants to play a significant role in the world. That is why we have set ourselves goals to contribute to various themes. This concerns, for example, educating the new generation of makers, attracting a broad and diverse audience, and becoming more financially independent. We also want to reduce our footprint and thus contribute to environmental and climate sustainability. Our goal is to become climate positive in next policy period. To get there, we are starting sustainable experiments for upcoming tours and productions.

Most of our CO2 emission is caused by transporting material and people. At the same time, the transport sector has developed many innovative solutions in recent years to minimize these emissions.

We want to use these solutions in our sustainable touring experiment. Specifically, we will do the following:

  • All trucks will run on HVO100.
  • Cast & crew drive electric cars together.
  • For international tours we choose the train.
  • Catering during tours will be vegetarian.