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Jakop Ahlbom

Jakop Ahlbom was born in Sweden in 1971. In the early 1990s he moved to the Netherlands where he studied Mime at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Upon his graduation in 1998 he was presented with the Top Naeff award for the most promising student. His gift for choreography had been noticed – and so had his poeticism and his ability to get his cast to unleash their energy, bravado and physicality. In the past two decades he has been working on his own, idiosyncratic oeuvre.

‘From an early age I was fascinated by the circus. I saw acrobats and illusionists there doing magical things. I was gripped by the impossible that suddenly became possible before my eyes. It showed me that other laws can apply: that you can defy gravity, that you can go through dimensions and matter. And, if you want you can turn the world upside down by simply hanging upside down on the jungle gym. 

With my shows I want to stimulate the fantasy and the playfulness, to make the impossible possible. I want to get under the skin, imagine the emotional worlds that underlie our actions and thoughts. I want to literally turn man inside out. To imagine the subconscious.

I love art in all its forms and expressions. Art can reflect our lives and feelings in a surprising way. It makes us look refreshed at our existence and the world. Art can bend reality. As a result, the alienating form allows us to laugh and cry, to be confronted and comforted. Perhaps especially by the little things in life.

My performances often exist in the dream, where the logic is formed by the associative and the emotional. I want to bring my audience inside my dream world, to find themselves there. With the experience of the wonder of being human.’

-Jakop Ahlbom