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Marc Pil, managing director

Sarah Faye van der Ploeg, production manager

Our repertoire in 2 minutes

We believe in the power of imagination. In our fantasy everything is possible. In the worlds we create you can look further than ever. Our mind opens, our senses come to life. Our dreams become true. We acknowledge what makes us human. That’s why we make our performances.

Over the past 10 years we amazed more than 150.000 visitors all over the world with our shows. We have performed in cities like London, Shanghai, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin, Boston, Paris, Barcelona and many more. You can share the mysterious worlds that we create with your audience.

These performances from our repertoire are available for international touring:

  • Unseen (2022), a poetic love drama, with a nostalgic set on a turn table, touring with 8 persons
  • Knock-out (2021), a turbo slapstick tribute to the fighting movies from the 80’s, touring with 14 persons
  • Strangely Familiar (2023), a surreal performance about social pressure and self-esteem, touring with 11 persons
  • Horror (2014), a thrilling nightmare on stage, tribute to world-famous horror movies, touring with 14 persons