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Terrifying good

A deserted mansion. A young woman returns to the place of her bleak childhood. No longer able to suppress memories of her cruel parents and strange sister, she is forced to confront the past and some terrible truths.

With Horror, Ahlbom created a magical world that is not often seen in theater. The challenge he faced was to remake the cinematic effects of horror movies in a live theater experience. Ahlbom wants to show the audience how ‘delicious’ horror can be.

Jakop Ahlbom has been fascinated by horror movies from an early age. “As a teenager I devoured all horror movies I could find. I loved the absurd fantasy, the special effects, the extremity of the events, the dark unknown and the adrenaline rush. In addition, I was intrigued by the black humor in the films, the slapstick used and the surreal imagination that is both fascinating and terrifying.”

  • “dark, horrifying, filthy, comical and absurd, and very well played"
    ★★★★ Het Parool 
  • “A performance in the best Ahlbom tradition"
    ★★★★ Volkskrant 
  • “visceral theatre of the imagination to fire up the brutal, remote corners of our lizard brain and explode the ancient chambers of the wondering heart”
    Sydney Arts Guide
  • ”ingenously tribute to horror cinema, where anything can happen” 
    ★★★★★ The Stage 
  • “a razor-sharp delight"
    ★★★★ The Observer 


  • Director
    Jakop Ahlbom

    Judith Wendel

    Luc van Esch, Yannick Greweldinger, Judith Hazeleger/Andrea Beugger, Silke Hundertmark, Sofieke de Kater, Gwen Langenberg, Maurits van den Berg/Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Reinier Schimmel

    Anna Gehlin, Marinke Eijgenraam, Klaus Jürgens

    Douwe Hibma, Jakop Ahlbom, Remco Gianotten (assistent)

  • Technic
    Yuri Schreuders, Tom Vollebregt, Allard Vonk, Michel van der Weijden, Alfred van der Meulen

    Business Leadership & Information
    Marc Pil

    Bookings Netherlands
    Senf Theaterpartners

    Music design
    Wim Conradi m.m.v. Bauke Moerman

    Costume design
    Esmée Thomassen, Kyra Wessel (assistent)

    Special props and make-up
    Rob Hillenbrink

    Make-up & hair work
    Nienke Algra

  • Lighting design
    Yuri Schreuders

    Sarah Faye van der Ploeg

    Janko Duinker, Danae Bos

    Laura Liefting

    Patrick Minks, Jaap Veldhoen

    Scene photography
    Sanne Peper

    Poster image
    Paulina Matusiak & Eddy Wentink

  • Thanks to
    Alles voor de Kunsten, Caroline Bleeker, Hans Brouwer, Jan Doense, Productiecollectief/Janneke den Engelsen, Christel Gouweleeuw, Durk Hibma, Anil Jagdewsing, Vito van Lent, Emmalot Morel, Pien Roeland, Monique van Schendelen, Niek Snel, Michiel Slee, David Tim, Tessa Verbei, Roelof Vossebeld, Freek Wieringa, Woedy Woet, Isa Wendel, Noa Wendel

    Financially made possible by
    Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Amsterdam, Fonds 21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB Fonds en ruim 60 particuliere begunstigers