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Talent development

In our talent development program, Jakop Ahlbom Company focuses on supporting existing talent and identifying new makers. We are looking for work that is primarily physical and visual, and we think approach the genre (mime) from a broad view. We are interested in makers who dare to be imaginative, visual and expressive.

Every year we make space within the program for mime maker(s) who are looking for a place to further develop their ideas, research early plans, and who want to further refine their work under supervision. We are looking for both makers and/or players who have been active in the mime field for some time, as well as young makers who are just taking their first steps.

Jakop Ahlbom Company offers guidance in the process and the opportunity to present the work to a larger (professional) audience. Jakop Ahlbom and Judith Wendel provide artistic support, Marc Pil and Sarah-Faye van der Ploeg provide productional and organizational support.

We regularly work together with other partners, such as Golden Palace, Schweigman&, and the Amsterdam Mime School (AHK). This platform shares the shared mission to give the mime new impulses and increased visibility, involving venues, festivals, programmers and the audience.


2021/2022: Ruth Borg & Esmée Begemann

2020: Achref Adhadhi: Gerty van de Perre; Sanne Bokkers

2019: Yannick Greweldinger & Dwayne Toemere

2018: Anton van der Sluis; Luuk Weers & Hali Neto

2017: Judith Hazeleger & Koen Kreulen