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Horror (2014)

International touring Horror

  • Ingeniously tribute to horror cinema, where anything can happen
    ★★★★ The Stage 
  • A razor-sharp delight
    ★★★★ The Observer
  • A brilliantly conceived and performed piece that deserves to be widely seen […] Contains some genuinely jump-out-of-your-seat moments
    ★★★★ Evening Standard 
  • Skillfull choreography executed perfectly by Jakop Ahlbom Company’s sterling troupe of performers
    ★★★★ The Upcoming
  • A bloody brilliant bit of theatre
    Dancing Review  

International touring

Horror was an international hit after the premiere in 2014. In 2024 we will be doing a 10th anniversary run in The Netherlands and is available for international touring after December 2024. Please contact us for touring possibilities. We are also open for requests concerning co-productions, licensing, educational programs and masterclasses.


  • One full day of load in / set up
  • One performance per day
  • Travelling with 8 performers, 5 technicians, 1 tour manager = 14 pax (optional director +1)

Technical Requirements:

  • Proscenium (min 14m wide, 6m high)
  • Stage incl wings min 22m wide, 12 m deep
  • Flying lines, min 23 line-sets (min 18m wide)
  • Venue will provide lighting & sound equipment
  • We need complete black-outs onstage
  • if your theatre has smaller dimensions, please let us know


  • 1 Mega Trailer, 13,4m long, 2,44 m wide, 2,92m high
  • Attention sight lines (wider > 6,5 m from center will be bad sight)
  • Duration: 70 minutes (no intermission)


  • Full international press kit available
  • Interviews, Q&A, meet&greets with cast & crew possible
  • Educational program available for high schools (optional)

The story

A deserted mansion. A young woman returns to the place of her bleak childhood. No longer able to suppress memories of her cruel parents and strange sister, she is forced to confront the past and some terrible truths.

Ingenuously gruesome, genuinely scary and very funny, Horror pays homage to famous spine-chillers including The Shining, The Ring, Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Jakop Ahlbom has been fascinated by horror films since a young age. Horror unleashes his imagination to create a surreal world of horror, using special effects that have never been seen before in theaters. This immersive and thrilling visual spectacle will keep the audience on the edge of their seats as they watch the impossible take place. Horror combines the power of the visual imagination with surreal suspense, humor and poetry.

A breathtaking nightmare on stage

A woman returns with two friends to her parental home. The house is haunted by a tragic family event. None of the group knows what happened to the woman’s older sister. Her vengeful spirit, however, does make itself known to them. In a series of flashbacks, the past gradually re-emerges: the cruel parents, the crushed youth. The youngest sister is brutally confronted with the hidden past. The only way to survive is to face the terrible truth.

Director: Jakop Ahlbom
Dramaturge: Judith Wendel
Cast: Luc van Esch, Yannick Greweldinger, Judith Hazeleger/Andrea Beugger, Silke Hundertmark, Sofieke de Kater, Gwen Langenberg, Thomas van Ouwerkerk/Maurits van den Berg, Reinier Schimmel
Design: Jakop Ahlbom, Douwe Hibma, Remco Gianotten (assistant)
Sound design: Wim Conradi, Bauke Moerman
Light design: Yuri Schreuders
Costume design: Esmée Thomassen, Kyra Wessel (assistant)
Make-up and hair design: Nienke Algra

About our company

Jakop Ahlbom Company developed a trademark theatrical form that unites theatre, mime, dance, music and the world of illusion. The company has an unique talent for combining powerful visual language with equally powerful content. Based in Amsterdam but we share our stories all over the world.

Jakop Ahlbom (1971) was born in Sweden. In the early 1990s he moved to the Netherlands where he studied Mime at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Upon his graduation in 1998 he was presented with the Top Naeff Award for the most promising student. His gift for choreography had been noticed – and so had his poeticism and his ability to get his cast to unleash their energy, bravado and physicality. The award jury described him as an eager, outstanding and exuberant talent. After graduating he worked with a variety of theatre makers as a performer, choreographer and director.

In 2000 he started working on his own, idiosyncratic oeuvre, which includes Stella Maris (2000), Nur zur Erinnerung (2002), Lost (2004), Vielfalt (2006), De Architect (2008), Innenschau (2010), Lebensraum (2012), Het Leven een Gebruiksaanwijzing (2013), Bug (2014), Horror (2014), Swan Lake (2016), Innenschau Revisited (2018), Le Bal (2019), Syzygy (2020), Knock-Out (2021), and Unseen (2022).