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We Don’t Live Here Anymore

an experiment

Jakop Ahlbom Company is one of the regular performers at Bellevue. Therefore, Bellevue offered Jakop the opportunity to create something next summer, in a short time and with limited resources. Jakop saw this as the perfect opportunity to challenge himself and conduct a study on his movement language, using only a table and a chair…

Jakop Ahlbom uses his own unique movement language in his performances, through which he tells his surreal stories. In this study, Jakop aims to deepen his movement language and explores the relationship between text and movement, between body and storytelling.

In “We don’t live here anymore,” Jakop once again explores human relationships. We witness two couples, in various dynamics of love and infatuation. They are faithful, they cheat, they develop friendships, they are loyal, and they betray their love. We see relationships in all their forms and facets, with all the freedom and limitations that come with them.

In “We don’t live here anymore,” Jakop works without set design or visual effects. He entirely focuses on the physical movements. He does this with some of his regular performers.

All three of them have a background in dance, are familiar with Jakop’s working method, and are all of a certain age, which brings a lot of experience in the realm of relationships, separation, and new loves.

The material being worked with is inspired by existing scenes from film and theater depicting strained romantic relationships. We draw, among other things, from “We don’t live here anymore” (John Curran, 2004).

We would like to share this experiment with Jakop Ahlbom Company’s loyal audience. After each performance, we will host a discussion to facilitate an exchange between the audience, actors, and Jakop to discuss the insights gained from this process.


  • Concept en regie: Jakop Ahlbom
    Spelers: Silke Hundermark, Gwen Langenberg, Reinier Schimmel en Jakop Ahlbom
    Dramaturgie: Judith Wendel

  • Beeld styling: Jolijn van Panhuis

    Fotografie en ontwerp: Suzie Hagens

  • Technische en Muzikale ondersteuning: Joao MB Costa, Leonard Lucieer

    Met dank aan: Lucas Groen (lichtontwerp), Theater Bellevue