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Strangely Familiar

About a man who meets himself

Jakop Ahlbom Company and Teatro Metastasio coproduce “Strangely Familiar” in the 2024-2025 season, a surreal performance about social pressure and self-worth.

The main character in “Strangely Familiar” is not seen by his colleagues. He escapes his difficult existence by drifting away to a dreamed world where everything he desires can exist. However, he is unable to make his dreams come true.

When a new employee arrives at the office, this man turns out to be his perfect lookalike. How is it that this double receives the recognition our hero has longed for? He is confronted with everything he is not, or dares not to be, or perhaps does not want to be. His dreams turn into nightmares, seemingly taking over reality. “Strangely Familiar” depicts the struggle our hero undergoes, and we, in a sense, enter his mind with all its consequences.

Strangely Familiar is partly inspired by the dystopian reality of the series ‘Severance,’ created by, among others, Ben Stiller, and the absurd films of Roy Andersson. Dostoevsky’s novella ‘The Double’ has also been a significant source of inspiration.




  • Director
    Jakop Ahlbom

    Judith Wendel

    Assistant Director
    Marit Schimmel (intern)

    Erwin Boschmans, Yannick Greweldinger, Silke Hundertmark/Inez Almeida, Fabio Maniglio, Luca Maniglio, Daphne Masé

    Set Design
    Marlies Schot, Douwe Hibma

    Lighting Design
    Yuri Schreuders

    Music and Sound 
    Leonard Lucieer, Jaïm Sahuleka en Teun Beumer

    Costume Design
    Esmée Thomassen, Eva Wegman (assistant)

  • Head of Technical department
    Tom Vollebregt

    Technical Production
    Sanne Fransen

    Technical Crew
    Michel van der Weijden, Allard Vonk, Hessel Hilgersom, Arend van Gog, Bo van der Ham (intern)

    Special Effects
    Douwe Hibma

    Bas Peeperkorn

    Special Props
    Erik Hillenbrink (Robs propshop)

  • Head of Production
    Sarah Faye van der Ploeg

    Production Manager
    Jitske Weijand

    Assistent Production 
    Sascha de Jong (intern)

    Ymke van Hoof

    Managing Director
    Marc Pil

    Louise van der Knaap

    Head of education
    Laura Liefting

    Head of Marketing
    Jolijn van Panhuis

    Content Marketing
    Suzie Hagens

    Photography campaign image
    Léon Hendrickx

    Special thanks to
    Gijs Feskens, Angad Goossen, Nynke Koopmans, Siemen Versloot, Bob Walraven, Anouk Steenbakkers, Mara Patrie, Menno Kuijper

  • Scene Photography
    Rahi Rezvani

    Studio MINSK

    Oleg Metlinski
    Elena Usiatinski

    Marketing material concept and design
    Studio MINSK

    Bookings Netherlands
    Senf Theaterpartners

    Made possible with the support of
    Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds 21, Teatro Metastasio di Prato