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In pursuit of love

The poetic love drama Unseen is the newest performance by the Jakop Ahlbom Company. In the unique, visual style of Lebensraum, Horror, en Knock-Out.

An unhappy woman who feels lonely and unseen. A husband who can’t shake off the past. A quiet burglar who spends the night in empty houses. The burglar’s arrival puts even more pressure on the couple’s strained relationship. It makes them realise what is truly valuable.

Unseen is partly inspired by the Korean film Bin Jip by Kim Ki-Duk. It reveals Ahlbom’s passion for elusive and surreal worlds. This performance is physical, poetic and full of humor, just like Lebensraum.

  • "Extremely precise timing, gripping dance, breathtaking movement patterns"
    ★★★★ Volkskrant
  • "Enforces respect and keeps you captivated again and again"
  • "In the characteristic style of Ahlbom, where exhausting physical acts, dance and illusions are intertwined"
    ★★★★ NRC
  • “It is particularly beautiful how the continuous movement of a revolving stage with a nostalgic interior is part of a sophisticated choreography.”
    jury Mime and Performance Award 2022